Boost your productivity through creative arts

When I think of positive disruption in the workplace, my mind goes straight to creativity. I believe we all have creative talents within us and from my experience as a creative entrepreneur, unlocking your creative potential has the power to shift your perspective, take you out of your comfort zone and boost confidence.

As a creative producer and dance practitioner, I’ve witnessed many moments of inner-transformation at my classes, workshops and events. One of the ways I currently support entrepreneurs and business owners to boost productivity, creativity and enhance wellbeing, is through teaching dance. I’ve taught people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds in corporate settings and in the charity sector, as well as at national events and independent workshops. Through these experiences I’ve seen how inner-transformation is a key component of dancing. Yes, even the most ‘uncoordinated’ soul can surprise themselves by their ability and that is one of the most joyful moments to witness as a teacher! Plus, dance simply makes you feel good – and in the workplace, feeling good is essential.

Shift your perspective

“But I don’t see myself as a dancer.” Is this the first thought that ran through your mind? If so it’s okay, I’m certain you’re not alone – and I love teaching people with this perception as I can guarantee they’ll see a shift in their perspective! A dance class can be a very powerful team building exercise. Essentially, dance is supposed to be enjoyable. I haven’t yet come across someone who doesn’t enjoy music and I’d be hard pushed to find anyone who doesn’t feel inclined to move their body to a song they love, or a vibrant new beat or rhythm that catches their attention. When you allow yourself to let go of your inhibitions, go with the flow and release any perceptions you may have about your level of creative ability, it’s highly likely you’ll feel a) uplifted by the blend of dance and music (there is growing research in this area about the long-term medicinal benefits of dance, particularly for people with long-term health conditions), b) socially connected to those around you (in this often overwhelming digital age, that can only be a good thing) and c) empowered by learning a new set of skills. In relation to the workplace a) you’ll feel relieved of any work-related stress or worries during the class, enabling you to approach your work from a fresh perspective afterwards b) by getting away from the laptop or phone for a period of time, you connect with others on a human level, in a neutral setting c) you’ll enhance your range of ability, which highlights openness to take on new skills and challenges.

Step out of your comfort zone

I believe there’s a lot of value in this statement. By pushing ourselves to develop personally and professionally, it sometimes requires trying something that may scare us a little and feel uncomfortable in some way. Consider a time when you’ve tried something new and surpassed all personal expectations – dance has the potential to do just that. It pushes you to explore what you’re capable of achieving. It challenges you to achieve something you may feel is out of the ordinary. It requires discipline and social awareness. Above all, historically the heart of dancing has always centred on one thing – it’s fun! For centuries, dance has existed as a form of positive communication in various cultural communities around the world, as a way to express, share, laugh and spread joy. Case in point: by stepping out of your comfort zone and expressing yourself creatively, you’re likely to find hidden abilities, you’ll discover a new way of expressing your feelings and it can even encourage you to consider areas of your working life which may require you to step out of your comfort zone in order to reap further rewards.

Boost your confidence

An outcome of going through an experience that shifts your perspective and encourages you to step out of your comfort zone, is enhanced confidence. Not only is dance an excellent way to improve your physical health, it is increasingly being used as a tool to build self-esteem, self-confidence and boost wellbeing. Have a go at trying out a new, creative practice with and be proud of what you’ve achieved – let go and have fun. By acknowledging your efforts in this way, this can translate into other areas of your life, where you may find you’re more capable and courageous than you’d imagined!

There are many creative and artistic practices that can be used as positive disruption in the workplace. Here, I’ve outlined just one but I encourage you to unlock your creative potential wherever possible as a way to boost productivity, improve your physical health and connect with the present moment.

The National Lottery Community Fund are invested in helping civil society organisations to develop their resilience so that they are in a stronger position to pursue their goals.

One way of developing that strength is to build financial resilience through generating unrestricted income.  Social Investment – the offer of repayable finance for organisations delivering a social purpose, from an investor who is looking for both social and financial return – can help.  It is especially useful for civil society organisations who struggle to access high street loans and, for those who are looking for investors who share their values.

Social investment can also be structured so that it is useful for commissioners and civil society organisations who are working together on early action and innovation around complex social issues; it can help by covering costs until preventative outcomes have been achieved, which in turn release funds – that may otherwise be locked up in acute care services – to repay the social investors for the preventative intervention they have financed.Since the Fund’s work in social investment began in 2010 they have commissioned a number of evaluations and research studies.

These include some in-depth, long-term evaluations which will generate a number of reports between now and 2023. You will find the reports here: